Fall for White

Round Wayfarer Linda Farrow Luxe, Custom vintage time piece necklace: Burgwin Studios

As those of you who live in L.A. know, Fall doesn't really HAPPEN here. It's sort-of one of those times where everyone just seems to be running around town in duster jackets and scarves for literally no reason at all. The only legitimate reason to wear a puff jacket November in Southern California is for a trip to the Ralph's freezer aisle- why is it always so Arctic at the grocery store? That being said, our version of Autumn clothing loosely translates to somewhat summer clothes with a Fall twist, be that a boot or an unnecessary scarf. Last week was especially hot, 80's and 90's even by the beach where I live, so this is an outfit perfect to get by during those in-between-i'm-not-really-sure-what-season-it-is-months. I paired a 3/4 sleeve crop top with a high-waisted denim skirt, lace overlay, and low-heeled boot. Oh yeah, and it's all white. One of my favorite looks for "Winter". Forget about the outdated "fashion rules" like no white after Labor Day, they're so 80's. 

All photos by Michele Andersen (Click to enlarge)

White Crop top: Top Shop, Denim Skirt: H & M, Lace Overlay: Audrey, find at Kyss Main Street

Brown leather bag, Vintage. Custom timepiece necklace, Burgwin Studios