Welcome to The Style Sauce

Welcome to The Style Sauce! Since this is my first blog post I figure it's only fitting to introduce myself. My name is Genevieve and I've worked in and out of fashion and design through various outlets (first as a model, now as a stylist) for roughly the past 10 years. Through this blog I hope to bring you a fresh perspective from my home in Venice Beach, CA. Here you will be able to check out my takes on everything from runway trends to my favorite street styles and design inspirations. I will be updating this site on a weekly basis so don't forget to check back Mondays for new content. I'll also be updating my favorite music tracks on the Weekly Playlist- I'm always in search of fresh music to inspire me artistically on a daily basis. Nothing in my opinion goes better hand in hand than music, fashion, and art. To me these things all contribute to become what is The Style Sauce.

Below is the first look I shot with model/photographer Brian Gove.  Here, as in many of my upcoming posts, I asked Brian to capture what I like to call "beach chic". Being born and raised in California, it's not always easy to find places to dress up! It's the effortless, easy breezy casual wear that fuels my usual day-to-day ensembles. Whether I'm out grabbing lunch with a friend, running to an appointment, or styling a shoot it's important that I stay comfortable in whatever I choose to wear.

Now let's get to the fun stuff- the clothes!

I chose this maxi dress, in a floral white because it is the perfect throw-on and look polished dress. Dresses like these are great for beach living- I can wear something like this to breakfast and still have it on for dinner. I love the cross straps across the front and peek-a-boo gap at the stomach as well as on the back. It gives it just enough of sexy without being overly so. No matter how tired, hungover, and/or lazy you may be feeling, this dress instantly makes you feel pulled together. Pair it with a cute hat, like this floppy red one I chose, and voila! Insta-chic. I chose a chunky wedge sandal but you could just as easily wear a pair of strappy sandals or booties. I like how the chunky wedges make the slit in the dress accentuated. For me, the fun is all in the details :) 

Red hat, available at Fedora Primo

Dress RE: Named, $54.00 Purchased at   Principessa Abbot Kinney

Dress RE: Named, $54.00 Purchased at Principessa Abbot Kinney

Shoes unavailable, but similar  here

Shoes unavailable, but similar here