The Not-So-Parisian Look From Paris

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It's been a minute since I've actually written a blog post so first, a quick life update. If you don't usually follow me on social media, I decided to take the last month off of my regularly scheduled life to travel the world. In the past few weeks I've been to Dubai, France, Amsterdam, Ireland, and Iceland. Also, I flew over the North Pole, which doesn't count, but was a highlight for me seeing the icebergs, even if it was from an airplane window. If you follow me on IG stories you may have seen this, butttt if you're not following me on Instagram you can find that here.

the style sauce paris street style fashion blog style pink fur jacket and dress
The Style Sauce Fashion blog editorial photo ideas // pink fur jacket // #thestylesauce #pinkfurjacket #styleblog #styleblogger #streetstyle #parisstyle

So, you see, I had the option of spending some of my time away in my hotel room writing blogs and editing, or actually seeing this place we call planet earth. I chose the latter, and I'm feeling so refreshed and like I have a really good idea of what it is exactly I'm doing here now. I'm so excited to share some of the content we created while we were away.  Thank you all who DO follow me on social media that have reached out and/or stayed patient while I went rogue and posted nothing related to style and instead posted photos of antelopes, food, and churches. I love you.

I'll be sharing tons more stories, travel tips, and photos from the trip but for now let's get to today's post, shall we?! One of the best things about traveling to me is actually observing other cultures and seeing things that are so different about L.A., which I call home. While Paris is a large city like L.A., I found it pretty much nothing like California at all, and that includes the fashion. Let's just say I got A LOT of looks in the outfit I'm wearing here. Obviously, I didn't give 2 f*cks, but it was pretty funny to see how many French women were ogling my tights as I walked past them. Mix fishnets with a pink furry coat, floral midi dress, and combat boots, and I kinda sorta stuck out like a sore thumb. 

The Style Sauce pink fur jacket street style fashion blogger style Paris style // #streetstyle #fashionblog #fashionbloggerstyle #pinkfur #furjacket
The Style Sauce street style Paris pink faux fur jacket midi dress and combat boots

So, WHY isn't this look Parisian? Well for many of the reasons above. Parisians tend to opt for understated, minimal, conservative style. Best way to tell a woman is French is by her no fuss hair and makeup paired with an almost entirely all-black ensemble. They're also all thin, smoke cigarettes, and drink red wine at 2 pm on a Tuesday. Chic? Oui. Colorful? Non. 

I'm sorry to all of the beautiful French people who I offended with my tights and love for faux fur. Check out the full look that mon amour, Brian Gove, shot on our second day in Paris. Again, LOTS more updates from abroad and otherwise coming very soon, I won't abandon you all again anytime soon :) Thank you again for all of the continued support, it means so much to me. 

xx, Genevieve 

The Style Sauce fashion blog Paris street style French fashion // #thestylesauce #fashionblogger #stylepost #howtostyleafurjacket #fashionblog #briangove #frenchstyle #furjacket
Visiting the Sacre Coeur church in Monmartre

Visiting the Sacre Coeur church in Monmartre

Outfit details:

Pink faux fur jacket: Unreal Fur "Unreal Dream" Jacket in Pink- here, more colors here.

Floral Midi Dress: Ag Jeans "Gia dress"- shop here

Glitter fishnets: Forever 21, linked here. 

Sunglasses: Pared Eyewear, "Tutti Frutti" sunglasses, here

Combat Boots: Zara, similar here and here