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A day at: Burke Williams Hollywood
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I don't know about you, but I need to relax. Living in L.A. which is a city of go, go, go, sometimes it's hard to even stop and breathe let alone remember to take care of myself.  My New Year's "goal" or whatever you would call it is actually to be more efficient with my responsibilities and take less work on so that I can ENJOY my life and not just work all. the. time. That being said, my top of mind favorite things in life include chocolate, french fries, puppies, shoes, wine, and massages. While it just so happens that massages are one of my favorite favorite things, admittedly it's one of the things I get to enjoy the least frequent. Not sure if it's cost, or time, or both, but I just don't get them enough. That being said, I always jump at the chance to enjoy a good relaxation session, especially when it can be at one of L.A.'s top spa destinations, in this case Burke Williams. Burke Williams recently relocated their Hollywood location from Sunset to La Brea, and it does not disappoint. The decor has a very Parisian flare while still being modern and clean. At Burke Williams Hollywood, they don't just boast a spa, but also a full service hair and nail salon as well as an extensive list of massages, baths, facials, and wraps. 

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When you step inside the lobby area there are soft velvet seats to relax on while you drink cucumber and orange infused water and read the latest issue of Vogue. I kid you not the lighting and seating is so tranquil in here that there was a man totally asleep next to me, lol!  

Burke Williams Hollywood Spa lobby La Brea
Relaxing in the lobby, post massage. 

Relaxing in the lobby, post massage. 

Once inside,  all guests can enjoy one of their many soaking tubs, sauna, steam rooms, and their gorgeous giant hot tub complete with crystal beaded curtains. Ahhhhhh, bliss. If only I could come here every day (a girl can dream).

The women's lounge.

The women's lounge.

Burke Williams Hollywood Spa luxe hot tub soaking bath house bathroom interiors La Brea

 For treatment, I got to enjoy their signature 50-minute Burke Williams massage which was great because it included an excellent massage along with tension reducing heat packs and Chinese herb exfoliation, which did a wonder on making my hands and feet feel so soft. It's safe to say I enjoyed the experience. Take a look at the pics and let me know what you think! I definitely recommend checking it out for yourself. 

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No time to go to the spa? No problem, I'm linking some of my favorite ways to pamper yourself from home in the galleries below. 

Breathe, Relax, XO, Genevieve