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Motif Jewelry X The Style Sauce

I recently collaborated with Motif jewelry to curate a special jewelry collection that I wanted all of you to love.  I carefully hand selected these pieces that I would personally want to buy, and wanted to present them to you all as a compilation of the favorite kind of accessories that I love to wear on a day-to-day basis. 

Really, this collection is about versatility, which always works best for the constantly busy woman these days. Our time is precious, and so are versatile jewelry pieces that can really bring an outfit together.  The idea of versatility is encapsulated in the "Link to Each" ring, which looks like two rings but is really one, the Treasure House necklace, and the Secret Choker necklace, which both look like two separate necklaces, as well. Half of the collection is rose gold (my favorite), and the other half is yellow gold. As a Californian, I made the collection based in two different types of gold because I am from the GOLDEN STATE, after all! What I love most about this collection is that it can be worn with jeans and a tee shirt (my LA uniform... of course), or something a little more glam like a blush fur vest and heels. 

I love that each and every piece is unique, yet simple and wearable. 

Check out the entire collection below and when you've found your favorites you can shop them all directly here. Make sure you grab the pieces that you like, though...  my shop comes down March 25th!

I'm so proud to share all of these with you as it's been one of my favorite projects that I've worked on so far. Check all of the collection out below, and I can't wait to see which ones you'll choose as your favorites! 

1) The Treasure House necklace:

--- Made to look like two necklaces, but it's really one. Layered to perfection without you have to wear two different pieces! I like anything that makes my life easier. I love the pearl and crystal detailing, and it looks great with a tee or something a little more dressed up. It's also 925 silver plated gold so won't irritate even the most sensitive skin (like mine!) 

Wearing "The Treasure House" necklace, from my collection with  Motif here. 

Wearing "The Treasure House" necklace, from my collection with Motif here. 

2) The Colby Cuff Bracelet:

-- The Colby Cuff Bracelet comes in gold, silver, or black. I love it for it's minimal lines and easy to close clasp. I hardly ever take mine off, an amazing every day piece that can go with almost any other of your favorite accessories. 

The Colby bracelet and pearls at hand ring, both in gold. 

The Colby bracelet and pearls at hand ring, both in gold. 

The Colby cuff, in silver

The Colby cuff, in silver

3) The Pearls at Hand ring

--- This gorgeous ring with claw detailing and pearls looks great with The Treasure House necklace, because hello, pearls!  I love that it's a statement ring without being too much. It's also on sale! Grab one before they're gone. 

Motif jewelry collection gold ring The Style Sauce
motif me gold claw ring the style sauce jewelry collection

4) The Secret Choker necklace

--- There has been nothing more trendy and of the moment lately than chokers! For this one I love that there is a dainty rose gold component that is wrapped with black suede-like fabric that creates a bow. Again, it looks like two necklaces which I LOVE! I guess I'm kind of lazy, but the less I have to do to get my jewelry on in the morning, the better... am I right?

The Style Sauce fashion blog Motif Me jewelry collection Street Style pink fur vest

5) The Swing in the Wind earrings

--- Admittedly, I don't wear enough earrings. That being said, when I see ones that I love I know I just HAVE to have them. These earrings are one of my favorites from the entire collection and a surefire compliment getter. Wear them with an off the shoulder dress this Spring for some serious va-va-voom. These are also silver plated with rose gold so they won't irritate your ears!

The Swing in the Wind earrings, and the Secret Choker necklace, both in my jewelry collection with,  here.  

The Swing in the Wind earrings, and the Secret Choker necklace, both in my jewelry collection with, here. 

6) The Link to Each ring

--- I've saved the best for last. There's just something about this ring that is perfect for a little glitz in the right places. I hardly ever take it off since it came home with me. I find myself wearing it with a sweater and jeans, but also the first thing I reach for when I need to dress up a pantsuit or something more night time. Again with the two for one, it's one ring connected with a chain so it gives you the perfect stacked look as a midi and regular ring with the ease of having just one piece. 

link to each ring.jpg
The Style Sauce fashion blogger Motif Jewelry collection
The style sauce x motif me rose gold jewelry collection fashion blog

Thank you for checking out the collection, I hope you got to score a couple pieces for yourself!  Let me know which are your favorites in the comments below, and thank you to all who have supported the collection so far! It seriously means so much to me to hear all of your positive feedback! 

xx, Genevieve


All photos in this post courtesy of Brian Gove,  all rights reserved The Style Sauce 2017.

Silk Blouses for Fall
the style sauce street style fashion blog silk blouse fall fashion 2016

Classic staples like the silk blouse are hardly going anywhere. I have some in my closet that I've had for years that I can still break out from time to time. While you can wear silk almost any time of year, long sleeved silk blouses I usually reserve for the Fall and Winter. There's another reason for this- silk is the perfect decadent pairing to velvet or cashmere, and these fabrics almost always resurface in collections for the cooler months. ESPECIALLY velvet this year guys, it's like the darling of F/W fashion for 2016. Every editor as made it THE "it" thing. While I don't wear something because someone tells me to, ever, I'd have to agree that it goes really well with all of the trends that are big this year. More on that later. 

the style sauce fashion blog street style lavender silk blouse topshop
Sunglasses: vintage Céline, similar  here  and  here . 

Sunglasses: vintage Céline, similar here and here

Anyways, back to silk. There are few fabrics I love to wear more than silk. I think silk and cashmere are pretty much just the best things in life and I should probably live in New York where I can wear them more (any excuse to move to New York, ha..... )  That being said, this season I plan on wearing lots of silk, especially by way of tops. Pictured here I'm wearing this beautiful, and actually really affordable lavender silk top with equally beautiful sleeves and detailing from Topshop. I've paired it with black accordion culottes also from Topshop. I topped (no pun intended) the outfit off with my new favorite basics, mules from Roberto Deville, a small French designer with well-made leather goods. Find those here.

Check out the look featured here and let me know what you think. I plan on wearing something like this for the next few months until I can finally wear some heavy jackets and full length pants! Shop some of my favorite silk blouse selections below, as well as this full look. 

Stay saucy. 

xo, Genevieve

Blouse and plisse pleated trousers,  Topshop

Blouse and plisse pleated trousers, Topshop

Tie details topshop silk blouse the style sauce
the style sauce fashion blog street style Fall Fashion Los Angles blogger
the style sauce fashion blog topshop lavender silk blouse
topshop purple silk blouse fahion blog the style sauce

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