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Microblading with Hairy Little Things

I’ve always been one of those girls who had pretty good eyebrows, but like, they aren’t the best. I could best describe my brows as having long hairs, but kinda patchy, and the shape of my left and right one aren’t 100% symmetrical. I fill in my brows every single day actually - usually with Chanel’s brow pencil #10, but I’ve tried a smattering of brow products in my quest for the perfect shape, color, etc.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my stories for the past couple of weeks, and noticed that I recently went to try microblading on my brows. Something I’ve long wondered about but always been too scared to try, I eventually took the plunge last week because I found Alix of Hairy Little Things on Instagram, and really LOVED her work.

Alix the brow wonder maker of  Hairy Little Things

Alix the brow wonder maker of Hairy Little Things

Microblading tends to get a bad rap for making people look not like themselves, like super overly dark or dramatic, or can look just too “done” or Kim Kardashian-like. While that’s totally great if that’s what you’re going for, I’ve always been more into a natural look and makeup. All that aside, I did feel like my eyebrows were a little patchy. What if I could find something in between, I said? A microblading treatment that would simply fill in my imperfect hair gaps, but not change my face completely. Against the recommendations of literally all of my friends and family (lol) I decided to give it a go. While I’m still healing a bit, it’s safe to say at this point I’m happy with the results and would do it again. I can see how this becomes an addictive thing like lash extensions, and I’m not fully sure if I’ll ever be the same, in a good way. Yeah. I’m kinda addicted to microblading. So, read on to hear everything you need to know if you’re considering trying it.

Micro feathering Hairy Little Things // The Style Sauce Blog

Before and after seeing Hairy Little Things for Microfeathering

1) What IS Microblading / MicroFeathering exactly?

So contrary to popular belief, microblading is not a tattoo. It’s a semi permanent treatment actually, unlike a tattoo, it only goes into the epidermis, not as far into your skin as a tattoo does. So the process is kind of like tiny little skin scrapes or tiny cuts into the top layer of your skin with a dye that is similar to henna. The esthetician takes a tiny blade (hence the name), and does hair-like strokes, and then fills them with the ink that he or she will color match with your hair color. What I did is technically called Micro FEATHERING, and that is more the filling in of the hairs versus completely changing the shape or doing a major restructure.

2) Does it hurt?

So this was my most asked question on social media about the process and the answer for me is no. There is a topical numbing agent that is applied before the technician will be begin which will numb the area, so if anything it just feels like a weird uncomfortable scratching, but I definitely wouldn’t call it pain. Now with that said it WOULD hurt if you don’t do numbing cream, so I highly suggest not opting out on that. I have done tattoos, botox, etc, so I wouldn’t consider myself the most squeamish when it comes to these sorts of treatments, so if you know you could get faint make sure you eat before hand and make sure you can relax. It was no big deal at all for me, but again everyone is different when it comes to pain and pain management.

3) Were you scared?

So, yeah, not really. I went to someone who’s work I familiarized myself with before hand and really liked how natural she made her clients look which made me trust her process. Alix works on a lot of really hot babes in LA, some fellow influencers, celebrities, and even works on tv shows, etc, so I knew she was the one to trust my face with, and I’m so glad I found her! She also has worked on a lot of blondes which I loved because a lot of microblading I’ve seen on the internet was on brunettes or more ethnic girls and it was hard for me to visualize what it would look like for me having lighter hair. That being said, I was actually wayyy more excited than scared to see her! What I’d recommend the most if you’re having second thoughts but really want to try the treatment, is to find testimonials and photos of previous clients they’ve done who’s brows you really like, that will be a good way to gauge if you’ll be happy with their outcome/ finished product. Do a lot of research!

Some of Alix’s before and afters of various clients.

Some of Alix’s before and afters of various clients.

4) How long does the treatment take?

The treatment took an hour total and was really chill. After 10-15 minutes with the numbing cream on, you just lay on a bed similar to getting a facial and she does her thing.

5) How long is the downtime?

So for me it was only a few days, but everyone is different and there are different skin types. Days 1-3 they were really kinda dark darker than I would want them normally, and kind of felt like my eyebrows were really sunburned. By day 5 they were itching a bit because of the healing aspect. I also couldn’t touch them or get them wet for a week which was the hardest part for me because I had to chill on my skin regime and face masks which I’m used to doing every day haha. I ended up working around that my using a washcloth instead my usual lather when I washed, and just laid back on my products that could irritate my skin further i.e. glycolic, vitamin c serums, etc. After day 5-6 everything felt like it was back to normal. Really - it’s a pretty easy healing process, and given I went out the day after with no problems it’s not a big deal at all.

6) How Often do you have to do it?

Microblading / micro feathering lasts 1-2 years usually, but you may need a touch up in between depending on how full you want your brows, and again on what your skin type is/ how thick it is.

7) How much does it cost?

Alix at Hairy Little Things charges $650 for a session. Not bad when you consider all the time and money you can save not doing your brows every morning! Also, this is not the kind of thing you want to get a discount or Groupon for, you get what you pay for with beauty services, and you don’t want to play around when it comes to your face!

8) Would you do it again?

LOL yes. Times 100. I will definitely be going back ! Thank you Alix, aka Hairy Little Things for my dreammm brows, you have a client forever!

Hairy Little Things studio, Arts District, Downtown Los Angeles

Hairy Little Things studio, Arts District, Downtown Los Angeles

If you’re an LA local, or will be here sometime soon and want to book an appointment with Hairy Little Things, you can find all her info below! She’s also taking microblading appointments in NYC January 17th + 18th, 2019 for all you east coasters.

Hairy Little Things

941 East 2nd St. #109
Los Angeles, CA 90012


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