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Fall 16 Wardrobe Staple: The Silk Bomber
The Style Sauce satin bomber street style fashion blogger

If you're like me, you've already been planning your Fall wardrobe and you're SO ready to break it out (coat season just get here already!). I always comb the magazines and my usual online publications early to know what's coming- and it's super fun for me to pick out the trends from the shows at NYFW, LFW, PFW, and MFW that I personally think will be huge for the next year (I'm like almost ALWAYS right, btw. ;)) It seems that every August I go through this end of Summer in between season struggle, especially since it's always the hottest in Los Angeles August, September, and October. Enter "transition pieces". This is always a big fashion challenge because it can be so weird to mix Summer things with Fall pieces that are heavy fabrics like velvet, leather, and cashmere. 

Here's where the silk bomber jacket comes in. It's already every where for Summer, but plan on this piece being even bigger for Fall. The cherry on the top of goodness with this wardrobe staple is the fact that it's light weight enough to layer over a flowy dress for the chic-est end of Summer look, yet you'll still be able to wear this bad boy over a sweater with a pair of your favorite jeans and a boot when it's freezing (aka 60 degrees in L.A., ha). 

Another reason I love this trend is that it's something that all body shapes and skin tones look good in. It really is universally approachable. Below I'm picking out for you some of my favorites for all budgets. What do you think of the satin bomber trend? Let me know in the comments below.


Cabernet satin bomber, Hotel 1171, $175. Find it  here .

Cabernet satin bomber, Hotel 1171, $175. Find it here.

The Style Sauce satin bomber street style fashion blog
The Style Sauce satin bomber street style 1 fashion blogger
The Style Sauce fashion blog editorial hotel 1171 satin cabernet bomber
Azalea SF maxi dress, $89. Find it  here.

Azalea SF maxi dress, $89. Find it here.

Wearing Urban Outfitters "Cleo" peach satin bomber, $79, find it  here . Ettika x Free People Choker  here  .

Wearing Urban Outfitters "Cleo" peach satin bomber, $79, find it here. Ettika x Free People Choker here .

the style sauce fashion blogger Genevieve wearing peach satin bomber jacket fall street style 2016

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#NSale: My Picks

Unless you live in a cave, (and I'm jealous if you do cause this world is really scary lately)- you've heard about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale by now. The Anniversary Sale is the créme de la créme of sales, because unlike most sales, it gives you the opportunity to buy things from next season on sale, instead of bargains on last season. This is a plus because it gives you more time to wear the stuff and you get a great price on it too. WINNING. One of my favorite traditions growing up was going back to school shopping with my mom at this sale and it still holds so much nostalgia for me because of it.  Here's a break down of some of my favorites. Below you can shop the sale directly by clicking on the pictures of the items that you may like- no need to even leave your couch and go to your nearest Nordie's. Dangerous, I know. My very favorites from the gallery below are:

  1.  Alexander Wang booties - I am dying over them and definitely may be purchasing these before the sale is over. Oxblood is something you will be seeing a lot of this Fall, so these can be a total staple for the coming cooler months.
  2. The white Frame blouse with the neck bow is another staple I could see myself wearing with everything. My favorite shirts are white, and this one has a detachable bow which is so chic. It can be put with everything from your daily denim to a pencil skirt for those days you have an important presentation or just want to look extra pulled together. 
  3. Rebecca Minkoff fringe backpack: I have the non-fringe version of this backpack and it has been a staple in my closet for the past year and a half. I use it so much that it is literally falling apart in certain places and I need a new one, ha! Such an awesome buy for the price- you will not regret this purchase, especially with the great deal Nordstrom is offering- I have never seen these backpacks on sale other than here. 
  4. Zella "Cut it Out" High Waisted Leggings: I'm sure you're seeing a trend here and it's that I'm picking all staples. Last year, I bought Zella leggings at the sale and they've held up so well for athletic gear, and they're something that I can wear all of the time when I'm running errands or obviously heading to my favorite workout class(es). On these I love the mesh panels which give them an edge and the fact that they're high waisted which gives you the option of pairing them with a cute sports bra or cropped shirt. 

What are your favorite pieces from this sale? Let me know in the comments below! Happy shopping.



Vegas, Baby
The Style Sauce Fashion Blog Las Vegas Caeser's Palace

OH Vegas. To be totally honest, before this trip I wasn't really the biggest fan. Maybe it's the fact I'm not a cigarette smoker, super into gambling (although I will throw a $20 on smoke just cause), or one of those people that loves club life.  Anyways, I haven't made a point to go back to the City of Sin in quite awhile.  This trip certainly changed my mind. Thanks to Yelp LA I was treated to an utterly amazing time at Caesar's Palace to celebrate their 50th Anniversary. It was hard to find moments to even Instagram and take photos given how much eating and drinking we were doing- but I'm certainly not complaining! When I say I was treated like an absolutely Queen I am not even exaggerating- Vegas rolled out the red carpet for us and really made the weekend one I will never forget. I've never actually been sad to leave Vegas until this trip. Sunday as we were departing I was like, "I wish I had one more night!" (shocking for me, seriously).

Our newly renovated room at Caesar's was clean and comfortable. Loved the pops of color.

Our newly renovated room at Caesar's was clean and comfortable. Loved the pops of color.

Our first night we were treated to dinner at Carmine's which was awesome. There was so much food I had to start refusing things for fear I wouldn't be able to get up from my chair and dance later on. 

The scene at Carmine's.   

The scene at Carmine's.


Yelp LA Vegas THe Style Sauce Fashion Blog
Night #1's look- kept it simple and comfortable in a black cold shoulder romper (shop this trend below)

Night #1's look- kept it simple and comfortable in a black cold shoulder romper (shop this trend below)

 After dinner, we went to see Matt Goss perform who's an awesome Rat Pack era singer- and I LOVE that kind of music.

Dancers at Matt Goss' show.

Dancers at Matt Goss' show.

After Matt's long performance we went to an open bar at a cigar bar where I successfully puffed on a cigar without choking (#winning !).  After dinner AND the show AND the cigar bar we headed to see Big Sean perform at Drai's. He was awesome! Big Sean had all the jams and just so happened to be in town for the Billboard Music Awards. Dancing to the wee hours of the morning was certainly not difficult with the caliber of entertainment our first night in Vegas.

Cigar Bar.

Cigar Bar.

The next day was spent by the pool relaxing until it was time to get ready for dinner. Chanel at The Forum Shops hooked me up with a complimentary make-up application prior to our evening out, and made me look like an absolute goddess. I left my appointment an even bigger fan of Chanel cosmetics than I already was- my new favorite eyebrow pencil is now courtesy of them, and they may have even changed this devout Voluminous mascara user into a Le Volume De Chanel fan -their blackest, most voluminizing mascara. My color is 10. Ask the Chanel counter for a sample if you're skeptical- this stuff is the SHIT.

After our make overs we headed to Mr. Chow for dinner where we noshed on Peking Duck and sipped lychee martinis... 

The Chef carving our Peking Duck.

The Chef carving our Peking Duck.

After dinner we were off to another show called Absinthe- (I'm telling you, we were seriously spoiled!) which was a comedic boundary-pushing burlesque show with lots of tricks. Think Howard Stern meets Cirque Du Soleil, if you can. After that everyone was pretty drunk and tired so we ended up turning in around 1 am instead of venturing to the club again. 

The Style Sauce Viva Las Vegas Travel and Fashion Blog
Second nights outfit details

Second nights outfit details

Our last day's agenda was mellow with brunch at Serendipity and trying to spend our room credit at a bar- let's just say a few too many Macallan 18's were drunk at noon on a Sunday, which made our ride back to L.A. verrrrryyy interesting, but at least it cured the hangover ;)

The Style Sauce Fashion Blog Travels Caesar's Palace
The Style Sauce Viva Las Vegas Fashion and Travel blog
Caesar's Palace Casino Photo by Brian Gove The Style Sauce

For any of you thinking of planning a trip to Vegas, I highly recommend making the trip even just for a weekend of debauchery and gluttony. It was great to see a different side of Vegas and really enjoy the quality of entertainment that is to be had there- I certainly think it's the best the world has to offer. With everything imaginable at your fingertips, it's easy to be seduced by this sexy city. Huge thanks to Caesar's Palace and Yelp LA for the wonderful hospitality. Till next time Sin City, luck be a lady. 

Also, be sure to check out Caesar's Palace 50th Anniversary pics on Instagram: #CP50, and more photos from our trip: #yelpLAdoesVegaspartdeux 


x, Genevieve


All photos in this post courtesy of Brian Gove, copyright The Style Sauce 2016.

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