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How to Make (Baby) Pink Your Favorite Color This Winter
The Style Sauce Favorite Pink Blog Post

When you think of winter wear pink doesn't usually come to mind, does it? It seems like red's more low-key cousin usually pops up alongside resort wear in the Spring and Summer, but here's 5 ways to incorporate everyone's favorite feminine color into your life in the chicest way during these cooler months. Major perk? You don't have to ditch the color come Spring and Summer, so some of these are classics for all year round. 

1) Pick a muted tone. If there's anything to remember when reaching for pink this year it's that muted is much better. Hot pink is a totally different world, but if you opt for a nude, baby pink, or blush, it's a much easier incorporate into your every day wardrobe. 

2) Wear it in a floral or print.

Florals are everywhere, even in the Fall. Find pink in an embroidered bomber this season or in a silk blouse for a little boom.

3) Opt for a pop of pink in your home.

Not ready to wear pink? Maybe you'll be willing to decorate with it. Pink couches might be my favorite thing, but if you can't commit to that try a candle, pillows, or a piece of art to warm up your space.


4) Choose an accessory.

A pink backpack, scarf, shoe, or pair of sunnies is a great way to wear pink without doing it head to toe. A blush heel would look cute with any little black dress, or a pink backpack goes great with jeans and a tee.

The Style Sauce Pink backpack fashion blogger

5) As outerwear:

A baby pink jacket is oh so chic. Opt for a wool trench or pink sweater for a warm way to wear this soft and feminine tone all year round.  If you like the one I'm wearing in this post from Azalea SF, check it out here.

The Style Sauce Pink Winter Fashion 2016 Fashion Blog

What are your favorite ways to incorporate pink into Winter wears? Let me know in the comments!

x, Genevieve

Photos in this post via Brian Gove, copyright The Style Sauce 2016.

Where to find: 7 of L.A.'s Best Walls
The Style Sauce Abbot Kinney Rainbow Street Style

I get a lot of questions about my blog, but today I'm addressing one of the most popular ones which is "Where do you take your pictures?". To start, finding locations for photos can be BRUTAL. For anyone who's ever worked in the production or entertainment industry, they can tell you that there is entire job descriptions assigned to "location scouting".  Basically, it's somebody's entire job in real life to simply find great places to shoot things at- and it's super important! While I live in Venice, it's obviously easiest for me to shoot my blog photos near my house, but I start to run out of ideas and spots. Here I'm spilling the beans with you about some of my favorite walls in Los Angeles for all of the bloggers, aspiring bloggers, photographers, and pretty much anyone coming to L.A. that wants to take some pictures with cool backgrounds.

Consider it your cheat sheet to an Instagram-worthy fashionable day in Los Angeles.

1+2) Are the rainbow and black and white walls featured below.

As these walls have just been painted in the past month or so and don't have a real name yet, they're sure to have one soon as they're a great place to shoot. I love that one side is rainbow and the other a stark contrast of black and white. Two locations in one! Caution- you have to walk through some sort of private dirt parking lot to get to it, and it says "Private Property". If you get arrested, definitely do not say The Style Sauce sent you ;)  

Address: 209 Broadway Street Venice, CA 90291

The Style Sauce Venice Beach Fashion Blog Street Style
The Style Sauce Street Style Venice Beach Fashion Blog
The Style Sauce Rainbow Street Style Abbot Kinney

3) The Paul Smith Wall

Ok, so this is the insanely popular wall that is pink and literally everyone has taken photos on it from Sincerely Jules to Ohh Couture (two of my favorite bloggers, btw). Anyways, where is it? Well, you can find it on Melrose on the side of the Paul Smith store. Go forth and fulfill all your pink fantasies.

Address: 8221 Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood



This one is right off of Abbot Kinney, so naturally I've taken a photo in front of it, but let me tell you it's QUITE popular! I was literally fighting off tourists for a spot in front of it which was incredibly comical to my crew and I when we were trying to get a snap. It's right on the side of what is now Greenleaf Venice.

Address: 1239 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

Me literally LOLing whilst trying to get a snap amongst stubborn tourists on the Love Wall, off of Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach. Not pictured: my friends laughing at me.

Me literally LOLing whilst trying to get a snap amongst stubborn tourists on the Love Wall, off of Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach. Not pictured: my friends laughing at me.

5) "Made in L.A." Wall

If you truly want to tell people you're made in L.A.- hit up this increasingly popular wall in West Hollywood. 

Address: 8025 Melrose Ave. (at N Laurel Avenue), West Hollywood


6) Shepard Fairey's District La Brea Mural

At the corner of La Brea and 2nd Street where the parking lies for the hip District La Brea Shopping district, there's an amazing and colorful Shepard Fairey mural. Part of it says "High Time" and then there's the word Peace and what looks like lotus flowers on a bright pink background. Check it out:

7) UniWolfCheetah

This combination of a unicorn wolf and cheetah is also poised just behind Abbot Kinney, and perhaps the most famous fashion blogger of them all - Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad- has a rendition of it in her very own home. Of course it needed to make the list. 

Address: 1429 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Venice, CA

Me with the UniWolfCheetah shooting one of the first posts for The Style Sauce with Michele Andersen. 

Me with the UniWolfCheetah shooting one of the first posts for The Style Sauce with Michele Andersen. 

Check out the walls in this post, I'd love to hear which ones are your favorites!



The Style Sauce Wall Art Abbot Kinney Street Style

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L.A. Made: Flores Lane Candles

   There are few things I love more than yummy smelling candles, so it's needless to say I was excited to discover a new candle company called Flores Lane that is hand-poured in L.A., made with soy wax, and run by two lovely ladies. I met these girls at the Venice Arts and Fleas a couple months ago and my friend and I bought a couple of candles from them because I fell in love with their "Venice" scent : a subtle blend of sandalwood, musk, and light/fruity notes. It's extremely important to me to support local female entrepreneurs, not to mention they promote a low carbon foot print by offering their customers a 15% discount if you repurpose your jar.

Each candle is named after a different neighborhood in L.A., and includes longitude and latitude coordinates, which is super cool and makes for great gifts for out-of-towners. Current offerings include :

  • DTLA: mellow and woodsy with a hint of freshness
  • WEHO: a bright blend of orange with a hint of grapefruit (reminds me of the Volcano fragrance which I've been a fan of forever) 
  • Beverly Hills: a floral combination of lilac, rose, and magnolia 
  • Silverlake: Fresh with hints of bergamot, jasmine, and mandarin
  • Malibu: earthy and rich
  • Venice (my favorite-and no it's not because I live in Venice!): a subtle blend of sandalwood, musk, and light/fruity notes
Flores Lane Candles via The Style Sauce fashion blog
Flores Lane Candles via The Style Sauce Blog with Coton De Tulear
Flores Lane candles via The Style Sauce fashion blog

While you can't smell the photos, check out the cute jars and should you want to buy some candles from an awesome up and coming Los Angeles business,  you can order at . Major perk- they're extremely well priced at just $18 dollars!