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Boho Spring

White blouses. Gladiators. Lately I can't get enough of either of these things. There's always something so fresh about a white shirt- whether it be a tee shirt or flowy top like I'm wearing for today's post. I accidentally just bought 4 in a row before I even realized my obvious obsession for lack of color in the top region. Gladiators that lace up to the knees have been a fixation of mine actually since last spring and I was elated to see them be such a big trend for Spring/ Summer 2015. While I can't afford the Chloe ones I've been lusting after for the past few months without maybe being homeless, I opted for these Zara ones. These sandals are actually very comfortable and have been fitting in easily with a lot of my wardrobe. I always have a penchant for boho inspired pieces-- I do live in Venice Beach after all.

The bag in this look is a vintage 1990's Louis Vuitton epi leather that I just bought off of Tradesy, and I am obsessed with it. It is the perfect size and color to go with everything. I usually opt for a cross-body or shoulder bag so this purse is actually a totally new silhouette for me but I am loving the change! There is something so nice about a structured bag that adds a pulled together element to anything that you're wearing. It's perfect for adding a polished element to a slouchy or boho outfit, or you can wear it with a more business-y look too! I can't wait to try it with more outfits and shoe combos!


Song of the week is Rivver- Am I Ok feat. Milk and Bone. It's a great down tempo chill song and it's brand new on my Spotify playlist on the home page as well. Enjoy! 

All photos from this post courtesy of Brian Gove.

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zara sandals gladiators louis vuitton bag detail
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Festival Fashion 2015

There's nothing I love more than fashion- besides music. To me festival season marries my 2 loves into one glorious season of events. To all of you who don't personally know me- I'm a music festival vet. This year would be my 6th year in a row at Coachella, not to mention the other festivals I've been to. While this post is obviously about festival fashion it's also about some good advice for all you youngins and first timers braving festival season this year.

We've all made rookie mistakes. Some of mine include dropping a vintage Coach bag in a port-o-potty and getting my favorite Tom Ford wayfarers stolen off my boyfriend's shirt. Well, getting your purse dropped in a toilet is super great guys. I spent the rest of the day dousing my purse- and myself- in Purell. Thank god I was just drunk enough to not let my OCD get the best of me that day because ewwwwww.  That's not to mention the time I wore brand new wedges to Coachella 2011 Day 2 and had to walk 8 miles to get to our car after the Neon Carnival party (all the streets were blocked off and this is pre-uber folks). YES 8 MILES IN WEDGES WILL KILL YOU. Another epic adventure happened last year when there were 90 mph sand storms on the last day of Coachella- I've never looked so cute with a scarf wrapped around my face (not). Here's a picture of Leonadro Dicaprio for reference - I pretty much looked like this. After walking around looking like Leo we attempted to drive in said sand storm (stupid) and pretty much totaled our car. So if there's a sand storm, don't try to drive through it. 

Leo at Coachella last year. 

Leo at Coachella last year. 

Also last year- we went to Governor's Ball in New York City and the first day there was a TYPHOON. Hey I'm Californian I don't do typhoons guys. We had to ditch out on the first day because of the heavy rain, and to our surprise the second day they opened the lot with a foot of mud covering the entire venue. I immediately ran around the city trying to find rain boots but apparently rainboots in NYC in the middle of July are harder to come by than hard liquor when you're in GA. I had to go to Saks on 5th Ave and buy myself a pair of 300 dollar Hunter wellies because they were the only pair in New York City, I swear to god.  I've never been so covered in mud as I was that day but after a few vodka/sodas and a great set from The XX I seemed to forget about all the trouble it was to be there.

The moral of all these mishaps and adventures is that I've learned some things from all of this insanity in music, fashion, sand storms and day parties. Essentially while you want to look cute, being comfortable is key. What you're wearing is important and I won't debunk that- especially at Coachella as there is every blogger and big publication there waiting to take your picture. I would say leave your favorite Celine bag and Louboutins at home because you will not only look ridiculous, you will also probably have to throw them away at the end of the festival.

Another thing- white dresses are SOOOO BOHO CHIC, right? But guess what!!!!! You have to sit in grass, there will probably be a sand storm, and undoubtedly you will have some guy on molly spill his whisky on you. Even though he will be sooooo sorry and try to give you a hug you will be soooo pissed because your new dress will be ruined.  This also goes for white shorts/skirts/ pants/whatever. You will want to sit down sometime, somewhere, throughout the course of the day and I promise you it won't be clean- even backstage. If you do wear white make sure it's something you're ready to get trashed. You're in a field in the middle of the desert, it is not time to wear clothes that need special attention. 

In summary remember these things when deciding what to wear:

1) Pack for temperature extremes. Its usually super hot but temperatures dip at night- I've had to buy sweatshirts because it gets so cold. 

2) Wear comfortable shoes. I usually go for a bootie but sometimes sandals are the best especially with a little platform to stop yourself from kicking up dirt.

3) You're there for the music and to have fun. Don't take your outfit/get up too seriously- the result will end up looking anything but chic.

4) For God's sake do not wear or bring your most expensive/nice stuff. It's not fun when your 400 dollar sunglasses get stolen and that's not to mention getting a 1500 dollar bag trashed. Leave it at home or in the hotel where it's safe and sound and you'll feel much better about life. The only exception in my opinion would be something that is virtually indestructible, i.e. a black leather backpack. Even that can get lost though- so be careful! 

With that I leave you crazy kids- have a fun and safe festival season guys!  Below find 2 perfectly adaptable, practical, cute, comfortable, yet chic outfits to try for your last minute festival needs.  Please feel free to comment with any of your funny festival stories or advice- I'd love to hear them! 

Also below find my Coachella 2015 playlist- which you are listening to right now. It features many of the artists that will be there this year. It builds so definitely stick it through and listen out the whole thing. Have fun kiddos!!


xo, The Style Sauce

Photos by Brian Gove

"Giddy Up" Halter, For Love and Lemons

Chambray culotte shorts,  Vanishing Elephant

Chambray culotte shorts, Vanishing Elephant

Samanta Pleet 2-piece,  Urban Outfitters

Samanta Pleet 2-piece, Urban Outfitters

Clutch,  H & M

Clutch, H & M

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Tradesy X The Style Sauce
Alexander Wang X HM dress, in my  Tradesy Closet .  $25  off your first order with  this link.

Alexander Wang X HM dress, in my Tradesy Closet. $25 off your first order with this link.

People are always asking me, "What do you do with all your clothes? Where do you put it all? How do you keep so much stuff?"

Well the answer to that is, I don't. Living in a small apartment with my boyfriend, dog, and cat is great and all, but there plain and simply is a huge lack of closet space. While I love my little family of 4, it is hardly a stylist's dream. I am constantly buying, selling, donating, and gifting things to friends when I can no longer wear them or keep them in my closet. While it's important to me to keep my favorite basics and essentials for styling shoots on hand, there are things that I must part with at the end of the day. This is where Tradesy comes in. It has basically saved my life. It gives me the opportunity to list my clothing, shoes, handbags, etc all in one online marketplace. This genius idea originally started with wedding dresses, something that can obviously only be worn once. Almost the same principal applies when running a fashion blog and being a wardrobe stylist; most of the time I can only use or wear things once or twice for shoots. When I can't use it anymore, Tradesy gives me just the place to resell them.

Did I mention I also buy things on Tradesy? It's the BEST to get deals on new or vintage handbags like this Chanel one I am currently coveting. As I'm not always blessed in the financial department, it's a great place to get deals on luxury items for a bargain. Running until the end of today they're having a huge Black Friday sale, so prices are even better than usual. They've also recently introduced payment plans so if you'd like to purchase an expensive handbag, for example, you can pay it off over 3 months instead of right away. I don't know about you all but that's making that Chanel bag a whole lot more obtainable. None of you would actually plan on me not shopping any more, would you?!?! Check out below some of the stuff I'll have available from my closet, and I'll keep updating it as well! Use this link to get $25 off your first order of $100 or more! Happy shopping! xo, The Style Sauce

Alexander Wang x HM dress, Hype leather bag, both available on my Tradesy Closet

"Kathleen" Bag, Chloe´. In my Tradesy Closet

Romper, Finders Keepers the Label, "Kathleen" Chloe´ Bag, in my Tradesy Closet

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