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3 Ways to Wear Blue Pin Stripes for Spring and Summer
Blue pinstripe statement sleeve blouse street style via The Style Sauce Blog

When it comes to prints for Spring and Summer one always comes to mind, and it's florals. As Miranda Priestly would say: "Florals for Spring? GROUNDBREAKING." While I love a good floral almost any time of year, this year it seems that stripes are actually taking the spotlight. They've been popping up on everything from statement tops to wide leg trousers, and it seems every it-girl is rocking a stripe in one way or another. My personal favorite way to rock a stripe this season? A blue pinstripe, and I'm digging it on tops as well as bottoms, or accessories! There's something preppy and pulled together about the classic print that can go with so much. It also has the tendency to class up a pair of ripped jeans. Below see two of my favorite ways to rock this pattern, and shop some of my faves!

1) A statement top: 

Statement tops are everywhere, and I can't help but gravitate to them every time I see them in a stripe. Here I'm wearing this fabulous off the shoulder flare-sleeved version from Azalea SF which goes great with anything from a skinny jean, to a wide legged pant, to a suede mini like I'm wearing here from AG Jeans. (Quite possibly my favorite thing in my closet right now, btw. It's such a stunning piece!)

Striped statement top with Louis Vuitton Malesherbes vintage top handle bag and brown suede skirt // The Style Sauce Blog street style on Abbot Kinney Venice Beach
Details striped statement top with Louis Vuitton Malesherbes vintage top handle bag and brown suede skirt // The Style Sauce Blog
Street style blue striped statement top with flared sleeves and tan suede skirt from AG Jeans // Spring Style via The Style Sauce blog

2) A high waisted short: 

Stripes are notoriously tricky on the body but these are flattering since they're small and vertically placed. Put a pinstripe on a high waisted short or jean and it's bound to be magic. I love the blue and white on these and they're so fun to play around with for Summer. I've worn them with a pussy bow blouse here, but they'd also be great with a bodysuit or simple tee and sandal. The ones I'm wearing here are the Juliette short from AG Jeans

Blue and white shorts, white blouse, and street style via The Style Sauce blog
The Style Sauce street style blue and white striped shorts and pussy bow blouse

3) A striped mini bucket bag:

Nothing says "Oui Oui" like a striped mini bucket bag with fringe. I've been wearing this little guy with everything and I love the pin stripe to give it a little fun flare. Every time I use it I have to ask myself: "Am I French yet?" Unfortunately, no, but at least I can dress like I am ;).

Shop this one I'm wearing here: Calistoga mini bag, or here:  Calistoga mini bag in Vegan leather.

The Style Sauce striped bucket bag and Cyra desert booties // street style // the style sauce blog// Summer 2017


What do you think of the pinstripe? Let me know your thoughts below!


xx,  Genevieve 

Let's Get Stripey! 



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10 of the Best L.A. Based Instagram Accounts
Taking Instagrammable content is a work of art on it's own. Read here for my 10 favorite Instagram accounts out of Los Angeles right now.

Taking Instagrammable content is a work of art on it's own. Read here for my 10 favorite Instagram accounts out of Los Angeles right now.

Have you ever read the book "Steal Like an Artist" ? If not, I'd highly recommend it. It seems to be a book I always go back to when I'm having a creative block and need some serious inspiration. The premise is basically this: whatever you admire in other artists take a portion of, and make it your own in a unique way. Don't be confused: this does NOT mean go steal other people's work, but to more find aspects of inspiration in other people you think are killing it, and reinterpret it. In general, it's really helped me to become a (somewhat) successful blogger to follow some bloggers and other creatives that I think have bomb-ass content. I also take style cues from old movies, musicians, artists, all around bad asses, and obviously other stylists' work as well. 

The reason this ties into today's post is that I also do this on Instagram. I follow a lot of accounts that provide me with some sort of inspiration that has made my own content better. Some of these accounts have a lot of followers, and some of them do not, but the common denominator is that they're all inspirational to me in some way. 

Check out below my Top 10 L.A. Based Instagrams below for all the best food, travel tips, street style, and inspiration currently coming out of The City of Angels.


Carrera Cafe:

This café is known for L.A.'s favorite customizable lattes, and continues to grow in popularity. This place will write or design whatever you like on your cappuccino, and has beautiful natural light and white tables. As expected, it's every bloggers dream. Check it out for eye candy and a good cup of coffee. @carreracafe

Miss Foodie Problems:

My girl Corey over at Miss Foodie Problems never ceases to make me SO hungry. She eats at some seriously amazing spots, and a lot of them are off the beaten path. Not to mention, she's also an awesome cook and regularly features her creations on Snapchat.  Check her out at @missfoodproblems.

Infatuation LA:

While Infatuation has accounts all over the U.S., their LA account is clearly my favorite. They do a really great job of covering all the newest and best restaurants, and taking beautiful pictures along the way. They also feature other users' great content for an authentic round-up of some seriously great eateries. Follow them @infatuation_la


Kimberly Genevieve:

It helps her middle name is my first name, but other than that her account speaks for itself. Her photos are beautiful , colorful, clean, and vibrant. She regularly produces really fabulous content and works on some great campaigns. Find her at @kimgenevieve

Style + Fashion

Levi Sawyer:

This awesomely talented menswear stylist/ human that I'm also honored to have as a friend creates some of the coolest fashion grams around. His style is colorful and original. He's a savvy vintage hunter, as well as a stylist for Farfetch, so he gets to play with lots of designer labels. Check him out at @tribecalledlevi

Brittany Xavier:

The creator of Thrifts and Threads has become quite famous but I've actually been following her since she had 20,000 followers and was in the running to win Bloglovin's "Breakthrough Blogger of the Year" award. Brittany won the award and never looked back, but I love her Instagram for it's multitudes of casual, but chic outfit ideas. Sure, it isn't the IG that has the most insanely beautiful photos and heavily photoshopped feed, but it's not trying to be. What Brittany has accomplished is an approachable blog that incorporates fashion and blogging tips with her every day Los Angeles life while looking chic doing it. Follow her @thriftsandthreads

Skatie Swimwear:

I recently found out about Skatie's line from fellow bloggers, and really fell in love with their suits and the fact that they're made from recycled fabric, which is SO important to me. Check them out for a very California vintage vibe with eco-friendly flair. @skatie_official


Discover LA:

Discover LA is an all inclusive publication that is a great place to find events happening, news, and basically anything LA related. They also have tons of beautiful shots on their Instagram! If you're not from LA or looking for something to do, their website/ IG is a great place to start. @discoverLA

Caroline Juen:

The blogger behind Love and Loathing LA tells her Los Angeles story of food, fashion, and fun in a super down to earth and authentic way that I'm a HUGE fan of. She'll make you laugh in her IG stories and never takes herself too seriously which is refreshing in the world of IG narcissism. Her photos are also beautiful and really well articulated. To top it off, she always has the inside scoop on fun things to do in The City of Angels. Check her out at @loveandloathingLA

Whitney Leigh Morris:

While I don't know Whitney, we have been neighbors for quite some time over here on the Venice Canals. I love her point of view chronicling her life in a tiny canal cottage with her ever growing family. Her living space is beautiful and it's a useful account to follow for design ideas if you also have a small living area to work with. She has a really clean and pretty design aesthetic and you can find lots of tips on her blog. Check her out at @whitneyleighmorris

The Style Sauce:

Last, but not least, there's this REALLY amazing blogger she's so cool. and witty. and freaking fashionable... I just can't EVEN! OOOOOK, hi guys, it's me. BUT if you're not following me on Instagram, there's a lot of photos, inspirations, and conversations I like to have that aren't on my blog. Also, I've started hosting occasional GIVEAWAYS (oh hellllll yeah!) So, if you haven't already, follow me here :) @thestylesauce

I hope this post has inspired you to follow these great accounts, and go back to Instagram for inspiration. Sometimes it gives me great ideas and the boost I need to create more great content myself. 

What are some of your favorite Instagrams? Let me know in the comments below!




How to style a pantsuit
A crossbody is a great low- maintenance option for styling with a pantsuit like this one from  Hammitt  

A crossbody is a great low- maintenance option for styling with a pantsuit like this one from Hammitt  

Pantsuits, jumpers, rompers with pants, whatever you want to call them, can be such a chic wardrobe staple, but also super hard to style. If you don't do it just right, it can end up looking like you woke up and rolled out of bed and hit the grocery store, or even worse, like you're a city worker or train conductor. While it's totally fine to have a nod to looking similar to the man who painted your house or an inmate, it's not usually my goal to totally go for it - Halloween not included.

All that aside, it's about the way you put it together, the width of the leg, if it has sleeves, etc. Here are a few tips for styling a pantsuit that will have you looking stylish, not in bed clothes or like you live at the state penitentiary. 

1) Layer up: Adding a scarf, vest, or jacket can break up the pantsuit and take it to a whole different level, or even make it look like just pants with a sweater!

Cashmere "Burbank" shawl, Kit and Ace. 

Cashmere "Burbank" shawl, Kit and Ace. 

2) Different leg width, different shoes: I love these pointed bow front slides (similar here) that I'm wearing in this post for pantsuits that are cinched at the ankle or skinny thought the leg. Other great options are mules, or flat sneakers. For a wider leg pantsuit or one with a flared leg, a platform, heeled bootie, or sneaker could be great, depending how long it is and where it sits. 

Fashion blogger the style sauce wears red pantsuit black scarf black pointed slides zara

3) Belt it, or opt for a pantsuit that cinches at the waist : As you can see here this pantsuit has a drawstring at the waist. I've never met a pantsuit I liked that didn't cinch somewhere on the torso area. Make sure you accentuate the waist or cinch at the hips with a belt to make sure your body isn't lost in all the fabric! 

Azalea SF tie-front jumpsuit in "red wine" :  shop here.  

Azalea SF tie-front jumpsuit in "red wine" : shop here. 

The Style Sauce fashion blog red pantsuit Azalea SF blogger

All photos in this posts courtesy of Victoria Gold. Check her out! 

Take a look at the gallery below to shop this exact outfit and some of my other favorite pantsuits.

xx, Genevieve

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