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5 Flower Fields to Visit in Southern California
Antelope valley poppy fields Lancaster CA THe Style Sauce Victoria Gold Photography

Unless you live under a rock, or in Siberia, or something, you know there's a superbloom of flowers happening right now in California. In fact, Spring has sprung so profusely down here in SoCal that my eyes are watering on the reg, and my news feed is flooded with photos of bougainvillea, poppies, and the like. The fact is I LOVE it. Not the allergies part, but you get what I'm trying to say. The color lover in me loves the vibrant floral blooms that are popping up everywhere from the side of the 10 freeway, to social media, to carefully plotted fields in Carlsbad (more about that later).

The photos from today are brought to you from Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve which is where the most beautiful orange blooms take over entireties of hillsides, making you feel just like you're Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz. Oh, Toto! I ventured out there with Victoria Gold Photography who created MAGIC! 

While I absolutely loved going out to Antelope Valley to check out the poppies, here I'm also listing a few other must see options for you to navigate Spring flower fields in Southern California like a PRO. Here's my top 5 for the most Instagram worthy floral situations West of the Mississippi: 

the style sauce antelope valley poppy fields boho chic Victoria Gold

1) Carlsbad Flower Fields

For a more curated flower selection, check out the Carlsbad flower fields that have tonssss of different kinds of flower varieties and will make you feel like you're literally dreaming it's so beautiful! Since this one is actually curated and privately owned, you should plan in advance, they sometimes do special events and weddings! Entrance is $14 dollars for adults. (click here for their website)


2) Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve 

We ventured out to these fields in Lancaster, CA which is about a 2 hour drive from LA. There's hills just FILLED with poppies, so it isn't hard to get some photos will you're there! TIP: stop at the cool antiques store that's on the road on your way out, it won't disappoint!  (Click here for more information)

antelope valley poppy fields, spring 2017 visit california

3) Lake Elsinore (Walker Canyon) 

Also about 2 hours from LA, just totally the other direction, this location also boasts tons of poppies as well as some other wildflower varietals. A must see! It's so beautiful. (Click here for directions and more information

the style sauce antelope valley poppy fields fashion blog

4) Diamond Valley Lake 

Here you'll see poppies but also Canterbury bells a plenty (little blue blossoms, they're gorge!). This one is located just a further east of Lake Elsinore, about 2.5 hours from Los Angles. (Click here for more info and directions)

5) Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

Perhaps the farthest from Los Angles, but also the most diverse, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park has an amazing collection of desert wildflowers and cactus that is sure to not be missed. Definitely check it out if you're on your way to or from Coachella or Stagecoach for some gorgeous boho pictures! (Here for the website and more information

the style sauce antelope poppy fields fashion blog boho chic

Do you have any favorite places to see the superbloom that I didn't list here? List them below, I'd love to check them out too! 

xx, Genevieve 

Coachella 2016 Weekend 1: Day #3

Well today I'm officially back to reality (sucks), but my mind is certainly still in the desert. Sunday is always my favorite day at Coachella. Everyone is in such good spirits come Sunday and they definitely packed in a lot of quality acts to showcase like Miike Snow, Flume, Disclosure, and Major Lazer (one of my favorite performances of the weekend!) for the last day. Nothing makes me happier than being in the desert with friends enjoying good beats! I wish I could do Coachella once a month, seriously! (too much? haha)

Going backwards and starting with my last look of the weekend, I opted for a cold shoulder crop top with a matching high slit skirt from ShopWantList, and it was absolutely perfect. My favorite part about the outfit is I can wear these two pieces together again or separately so it's really versatile. I've been loving cold shoulder tops all the time since last summer, but it seems as though this trend is on full force this year, with literally every celebrity and blogger sporting them lately. 

Before I left, I got my blonde freshened up by Mikhayela Curry, and I'm OBSESSED. I highly recommend her for color. Check out her  Instagram here.

Before I left, I got my blonde freshened up by Mikhayela Curry, and I'm OBSESSED. I highly recommend her for color. Check out her Instagram here.

Fashion blogger The Style Sauce wears Shop Want List at Coachella 2016 Weekend 1
The Style Sauce Coachella Weekend 1 Festival Fashion Boho Fashion
The Style Sauce Coachella 2015 Festival Fashion Blogger
By the pool in Indio before going to the festival = my happy place. 

By the pool in Indio before going to the festival = my happy place. 

Right now Farfetch has a great selection of cold shoulder tops. I put together some of my favorites that I've been lusting after for Spring and Summer. Farfetch is great because they have a bunch of designer boutiques in one place where it's easy to shop for high end well curated items. Here's some I found that I absolutely adore if you're looking to invest in this look. 

The gallery below you can shop this exact top and skirt set I"m wearing! It's a definitely a huge compliment getter, everyone kept asking me about it! You're sure to be a show stopper in this piece :)

Stay tuned for part 2 of this post- Days 1 and 2 at the festival and parties and some pics from the show! 



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