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5 Things to do in Central Coast, CA
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North and South California get all the love. I can’t believe I’ve lived my entire life in California and never really spent time in CENTRAL California. Often on long road trips back home to Palo Alto from Los Angeles I’d drive as fast as I could through this part of the state, eager to make it to either to my old home or my new one. 

Well, this trip really changed my point of view of the “middle” of California. First of all, it’s beautiful and soooo charming. I’m really glad we took the opportunity to spend a weekend here. If you’re thinking of making a trip to Central CA, here’s 5 things you should do while you’re around. 

The grand dining room at Hearst Castle

The grand dining room at Hearst Castle

1) Visit Hearst Castle

I didn’t really know what to expect from Hearst Castle, I just knew I wanted to go check it out at least once, even if just for photos (lol). It’s really a beautiful example of architecture, and not like anything you’ll really see in the states (kinda reminded me of the Palace of Versailles or something of that caliber).

It was pretty interesting learning about the Hearst family and their part in so much of California's history. Definitely worth going at least once, and the property is HUGE and really cool for pics. They even have some leftover zoo animals from when the family had an exotic animal zoo on the property so you could spot zebras!

Hearst Castle gardens // visit california // travel blog // San Simeon // The Style Sauce
The tennis courts at Hearst Castle. 

The tennis courts at Hearst Castle. 


2) Taste wine in Paso Robles

I didn’t realize it, but Paso Robles is giving Napa a run for it’s money. We visited Justin Vineyards while there and it was literally breathtaking. There’s one main road that you take where most of the vineyards are. Coincidentally, it’s called Vineyard Drive. Justine, where we went for the day, sits almost at the end of this winding country road. Paso Robles is known for it’s reds - Syrahs and Zinfandels do especially well in the super hot / cold climate, but they also have whites and rosé as well.

Justin Vineyards Paso Robles // The Style Sauce // Best things to do in Central CA


Along the same road where most of the vineyards are, there's also such well-known vineyards as Kiamie, Tablas Creek, and others. Major perk other than the vino in Paso Robles is that it’s STUNNING. You feel like you’re so far away from the city and there’s plenty of country-like photo opps to be had. 

Getting a tour of the caves at Justin Winery. So cool!

Getting a tour of the caves at Justin Winery. So cool!


3) Hang out on the beach

Paso Robles and the other towns that are inland from the coast are especially hot in the summer so you can head to the beach where it’s usually 20 degrees cooler (or even more). There’s lots of surfing and long stretches of sand where we stayed in Cambria, and def stick around for the sunset because they're really pretty here. 

Sunset in Cambria, CA // The Style Sauce // Visit California

4) Drive Up (or down) Highway 1

The "1" is the highway that will take you basically all the way from LA to SF along the coast, if you let it. If you don’t have much time but want to take in the sights, this is the perfect way to see some of the sights and grab some pics in a time crunch. Be aware though that due to heavy rain and mudslides last year taking a mile of the coast into the Pacific Ocean, it is partially closed right now.  Right below Big Sur, above the San Simeon area it stops, so if you’re trying to go all the way through from Southern to Northern CA, you’ll have to go around and cut over to 101 in order to do so. The 1 is close at the base of Big Sur which is a total bummer, but they did re-open Bixby bridge so you can get there to see it if you’re coming from Northern CA. 

5) Do some hiking

Admittedly, we didn’t get to do a lot of this due to enjoying 1-4 a little *too* much this time around, but there’s some really great hikes in the area that our hotel reception at Ocean Point Ranch told us about. There’s even a path that goes all along the beach you can walk up and down which is especially pretty at golden hour. Not really a “hike” but a great walk/ run path either way. Some other hiking areas that were recommended to us were

I Love LA: A lunch at Bottlefish Brentwood
dining room interior decor at Bottlefish Los Angeles via The Style Sauce blog

Well, it's  safe to say there are a few things I love more than brunch, and that's really, really, good brunch. When I got invited to go into Bottlefish, a new restaurant in Brentwood, I have to admit I wasn't expecting to have one of the best lunches in history. I scheduled myself to go in on a Sunday, because what else do you do on Sunday other than eat? Obviously, nothing! 

When we arrived, we had no idea what to expect. Tucked upstairs inside a little boutique shopping area in Brentwood, the restaurant is hardly visible from the street. They had inexpensive valet downstairs, and then we took a quick escalator up to the second level which is where the entrance to the restaurant lies. 

Let me stop right now and say: this place is fucking incredible. Sorry, but the F word needs to be used here. I'm a HUGE seafood fan and not one thing we ordered failed to impress. Brian, my lunch date, was actually MAD at me for (I quote) "making him eat so much". Err ok, like I feel really bad for you, not. 

Bottlefish Los Angeles menu spicy caesar salad The Style Sauce blog

The lunch menu at Bottlefish is pretty extensive, and it's a seafood lover's dream. That being said, let's get back to the food: To start, we noshed on spicy caesar salad with bibb lettuce, which was the best caesar salad I've EVER had and I do NOT say that lightly. We also had smoked trout dip (amazing), and a raw scallop special dish that came with WARM BROWNED BUTTER, sea salt, chives, and lemon zest. I'm sorry but scallops and butter, do I need to say more?

Raw scallops with butter, chives, lemon, and sea salt at Bottlefish Brentwood

Raw scallops with butter, chives, lemon, and sea salt at Bottlefish Brentwood

The whole snapper fish tacos at Bottlefish , Brentwood. 

The whole snapper fish tacos at Bottlefish , Brentwood. 

The chic, clean, and minimal dining room is well lit and offers indoor/ outdoor space.

The chic, clean, and minimal dining room is well lit and offers indoor/ outdoor space.

For the main courses we opted for the snapper fish tacos and the lobster roll. The fish tacos came with an entire fish filet, two different salsas, pickled onions, and beans. I ordered the corn as a side which went with them perfectly as well. Brian's dish was a lobster roll which the server offered to us hot or cold. The obvious choice for us was warm, although the server said it's frequently requested chilled. Regardless, I was lucky enough to try a bite of the lobster, which was nothing short of juicy and succulent. Brian is from New Jersey and used to eating Maine lobster in the summers, and he definitely gave the lobster roll a stamp of approval. 

Bottlefish Los Angeles lunch fish tacos and lobster roll with corn and cocktails via The Style Sauce blog
The warm lobster roll

The warm lobster roll

I have to give a shout out to the kitchen staff and chef for being so accommodating. I've never talked about this before on here, but I'm pretty severely allergic to gluten, and not by choice. They willingly brought me sliced cucumbers with the trout dip and omitted the croutons from our caesar. Their service was nothing but A+.

cocktails moscow mule and spicy margarita Bottlefish Los Angeles lunch

There is also a full bar and extensive cocktail menu. I would recommend their take on a dark and stormy any day! The spicy margarita was also very good. 

Thank you, Bottlefish for the incredible meal and I can't wait to come back! If you're reading this, you should 100% go for lunch or dinner asap. They're also starting a regular weekend brunch shortly which is sure to impress. 

xx, Genevieve



Bottlefish LA 

11677 San Vicente Blvd #200

 Los Angeles, CA 90049



All photos courtesy of Brian Gove, copyright The Style Sauce 2017.