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Runner's High
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    Lately I've been crazy busy trying to juggle lots of different projects, which isn't exactly ideal when it also comes to making time for exercise. Accordingly, I've decided to make it a point to get healthy and toned again. I've always been a runner. I ran track at Palo Alto High School (go Vikings) and have kept up with it in my adult life by occasionally participating in runs like the Santa Monica Classic 10k.  Something I've always struggled with is cute workout gear. Seriously until a few months ago you could have seen me in my gym shorts from High School track practice with a hole-y old t-shirt at Runyon Canyon.

    Obviously, this is all very strange considering my whole life revolves around fashion at the time being. The disparity between the two has led me to this site called In Flow Style. I've discovered they have tons of trend forward and comfortable gear for girls on the go.  Their stuff is pretty decently priced and you actually look pulled together when working up a sweat which is also a huge motivator for a fashion forward girl like me.  When I wear this Nimble set I get so many compliments and I usually end up in it all day running errands. Shockingly it's possible to still look pulled together  even though I'm in comfy running clothes. This is a new concept for me that I've very excited about. 

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the style sauce nimble activewear workout fashion blog

What are some of your favorite work out lines? I'm now addicted to this whole Athleisure trend and want to buy more!!! Let me know in the comments below. Also give my workout playlist a listen for an extra energy boost. It's great for cardio! 

Xo, The Style Sauce

All photos in this post courtesy of Brian Gove for The Style Sauce, Copyright 2015


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