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Wardrobe Essential: The Plaid Blazer
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They're everywhere. You can't turn a street corner without seeing one. No, I'm not talking about Bird scooters, I'm talking about the one thing that's a huge wardrobe staple right now: the plaid blazer. Honestly way before this trend came about I've always been a big plaid / checkered/ houndstooth kind of girl. Every Fall and Winter you can catch me sporting at least one of the three patterns in some way. I've had a red plaid trench coat that I wear ceremoniously almost every Christmas that I'll never get rid of.

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This year though, it's all about the checkered blazer. Oversized, cropped, or belted, this is one wardrobe piece that can be worn so many ways. The one I'm wearing in this blog in particular is a vintage men's suit jacket from Burberry circa 1980 or so. I found it in the depths of my closet and it was about to go to Goodwill before I saved it and decided it was my new favorite piece of clothing. Here I've belted it with my Gucci leather belt , a peach wool beret, a classic pair of black heels (they're called Rendezvous from Tamara Mellon, and no pants. (JK! There's denim shorts under there)

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"Worth it" tee,  Misha Vaidya

"Worth it" tee, Misha Vaidya

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Check out the look and some of my favorite blazers at the moment to hop on this trend that's sure to stay as for 2018. Also, you can and should definitely own more than one - a grey fitted blazer and an oversized brown blazer have very different moments! 

Checkered Blazer Favorites

Plaid blazer // how to style a blazer // women's style ideas // Street Style // How to wear a beret // The Style Sauce // #fashionblog #styleideas #beret #losangelesstyle
Fashion blog // Street Style // Melrose Place // How to style a blazer // The Style Sauce // #styleideas #streetstyle #blazer

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